💜 365 Days of Conscious Creation 💜

Total Transformation for as little as £1 a day...

The idea behind 365 Days of Conscious Creation is to help
you create a life you love, with deep and secure foundations in love and understanding.

This is not an egoic, get rich quick scheme, this is a deep dive into who you truly are
and who you were born to be, who you get to create yourself as in each moment.


Its learning about true and deep fulfilment, happiness, and peace.

It’s about understanding the true abundance of life, this
pie has no limitations, you can eat until you are full, you NEVER need to be
hungry or lack anything, but if you take from greed fear and misunderstanding,
you will hurt yourself in the process and end up never having enough,

no matter how much you take.


That said, 365 Days of Conscious Creation is a fun and
exciting adventure that will change your life in countless great ways in as
little as 15 minutes a day.

It will help you make conscious, loving creation your way of life.


Every day for an entire year you will get a life-changing,
bit-sized, and nutritious treat for your mind. Intended to gently, show you how
you are creating the life you have right now.

~ The good the bad and everything in between ~

You will learn to choose to use that knowledge to consciously create,

with ease and joy, the life you truly want, deep in your heart,

whatever that is for you.

No more stress, anxiety, and frustration. 

Think of it this way...

it's like having your very own personal spiritual teacher in your pocket every day for a whole year

~ you will be guided every step of the way, until the path is clear,

you know where you are going and how to get there. 

Take a moment and imagine where you could be in a year from now,

It gives me tingles when I do that, when I imagine what’s possible…

The Practical Bit...

You will receive an email direct to your inbox every day for an entire year!

A daily nudge to keep you headed in the right direction.

You can replay to any of these emails with questions or comments, I will reply with help and support to keep you on track.

Once a month there will be a live call, where we will explore more deeply, and you will be invited to bring your comments and questions.

All of the calls will be recorded for your convenience.


Thanks Deb

I’m really enjoying your daily 365 emails . So helpful and thought provoking

thank you

Helen 😊💕


I just love everything about today's email. It's number 51 - which is my door number. It's sooooo simple and yet so profound! I love love love it!!!!!!

Thank you.


Loving the 365 emails

You have to stop bringing me to tears!

Something touched me deeply from these words. Thank you!

Frank Jackson

Coming soon

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