Welcome To The

Kitchen Table

Welcome to Debs Kitchen Table,

where all the best conversations happen.

I have spent many a happy time in deep conversation around my kitchen table, Ive witnessed

insights and seen transformations happen there.

Its the heart of my home and and a place of great creation.

Below you will find videos from my YouTube channel all sharing the things that reflect

the conversations that happen around the kitchen table...

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"There is an almost magical quality to the love, compassion, understanding, wisdom, energy that envelops and is shared from Debs, Bec and the whole Dare2BU team.."

~ AB ~

"Deb and Bec are so amazing, they live this 'understanding' in front of your eyes; so they are often joyful, laughing and always empathetic. This approach comes from the heart and this organisation embodies this in everything they do.."

~ Chrissy J ~

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